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Default Goodbye Abandonia

I remember when i was in college , more than a decade ago.
I had a weak laptop and could notplay many games.
I found Abandonia (and abandoia reloaded) and many games to play. A lot which escaped me in my younger years.
I kept an eye on the site and saw its updates dwindle as fewer articles get posted.
Today i see the writing on the wall with the casino article.
I know this is a tactic , of the lowest form , to generate revenue by inserting casino links into articles. It's not even subtle here.
To the team behind abandonia , thank you for all the work over the years so that I could see so many games I enjoyed.
To the forums , though i very rarely interacted , have a good one.
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

For them mods feel free to delete this post. Just wanted to give a warm goodbye to a site that held a certain place in my heart for many years.
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