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Originally Posted by slx View Post

Sadly, I can not get any of the mentioned British version booklets.

I understand your frustration. Since I never own this game on any possible Platforms, what I will say next is just Deduction and Assumption , but most likely to be credible, likely, plausible, probable, verisimilar . Unless someone who knows can answer me and show the correct facts.

As per the PDF version here and here, Background Manual is only for PC. Both Manuals show the System Requirements for Installation on PC.

The links showing the “British” version here, here and here do not show any System Requirements.

Also, this “British” version seems to be the merger of the Dark Seed Quick Reference Guide for PC and Dark Seed Background Manual for PC.

Thus, I deduce that this “British” version seems to be the Manual for any Platforms (Amiga, Amiga CD32, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn) except for PC (DOS, Windows 3.x).

And apparently the “British” version does not have the Scanned version available, but only the Text version. In this case, you could save the Page using Opera (Save as PDF) or using SeaMonkey (Save in MHT / MHTML format).

I think it is worth to save the Pages because the Helpful Hints of the “British” version is more complete than the PC version.
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