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Originally Posted by Nicheal View Post
Yes, ask Nicheal! The great. Always a fucking waste of my time when some noobs weave into the thread and make blah blah without reading nothing.

Notepad++ can just be used, if you dont change the end of line position, otherwise the game crashes, yes. Using a Hex Editor would be an option, using the CobExtractor itself, is the perfect solution, but it is a kind of a waste of my time, telling that every person again.

The iOS version is the same fuck just with touch screen. It was iOS only, another fault in that series of faults of these broke creators of that game, anyway, they did not solve any problems there - still a pity ruin of a game with a AI like an idiot. Still crap. Doesnt matter to me at all how to mod that. To play that on a pity smartphone touch screen is an idea of a wanker. Now that company is broke anyway, and the game is dead totally, caused by the wise decisions of wankers - they had twenty years talking bullshit, and did an iOS only smartphone version, with touch screen and some nice gimmicks without solving a single crap - amateurs!

And i could talk and talk, and that half a dozen guys out there, wont even recognize anything, so just crap around with your ASCEND00.CRAP and dont listen to me! Dont download my Mod, dont listen to me, just wank and crap around, go on!

The ANTAG.EXE crashes anyway caused by the Domain Error in SQRT, it is an unstable .EXE wich increases its pain in the ass by every change you make in ASCEND00.COB, especially if you do that wisest of all solutions and let the Special Weapons shoot - so, go on, dont download my Mod, dont read my comments, and crap around silly! Useless, if you dont get the Special Weapons to shoot by AI anyway, like i did! But if you do, the ANTAG.EXE grows much more unstable and loves to crash.

The ANTAG.EXE is made by total idiots anyway. Neutral gives a diplomacy all versus human player. War the same, plus industry and research boost for the AI. Problem: All versus human player ONLY, so that all of these idiot species just make war versus you. Problem: That is a hard code fucked up problem, the AI idiot species dont make war versus each other, mostly, and so, they dont build up huge empires versus you. The diplomacy of the unstable ANTAG.EXE is total crap. If you change much in ASCEND00.COB, the ANTAG.EXE crashes much more. I, the by far best Modder of that pity old game ruin, use the 1996 ASCEND.EXE patch. You get the ships quite good, the planets good, it does not crash, you can change everything, you lose the ability of a better planetary management, yes, but all of the other stuff is quite good, like diplomacy.

The only way to use the ANTAG.EXE is on Peaceful, where the diplomacy isnt total crap, just as usual. If you modify the diplomacy values in the ASCEND00.COB, you get more aggression anyway, like i did, so you could tweak it. The ANTAG.EXE Neutral and War hardcoded bullshit, just... sucks. Lucky, that if you change too much parameters, the ANTAG.EXE crashes anyway, no matter what you do. So i cannot use the ANTAG.EXE while modding and playing a good diplomacy. My Mod is fantastic, and every guy weaving into that thread, gives a damn and asks his bullshit - not even solving the problem, that the fucking Special Weapons arent even used by AI ships, what i -the fuck- DID!

blah blah end
You should explain yourself again for every person who asks because my religion does not allow you to go backwards. So *normally* I would read any posts that says yesterday or today onwards. In fact The Holy Bible does not even allow you to plan your life towards the future! The exact quote is something along the line of no one knows when you will die... do not worry about tomorrow for you have enough to worry about today.

Anyways I try to live my life in the present. If there is a post in the past I try not to look at it. I figure life is too short to go back to the hundreds of thousands of posts to read. Besides I know I have changed so much since the last 10 years!
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