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This game is DIFFICULT and i mean it, even at the easiest level it's extremely difficult to survive if u don't cheat, ah and those spanish forces looks like the whole galactic empire striking on you, the other powers look like kittens in front of the ferocious spanish army.
But it's a very addictive game and you have to select very your production and trade routes..... oh and something more be careful about the food supplies, do not overcrowd ur cities other wise you will need to use all the space for food production thus producing nothing!!!
my strategie was to use the capital as an overcrowded evolved city and get all the supplies from other cities and the capital as the factory and the final destination before going to europe, also try to create an army around your cities so enemy forces cannot hold back ur production (they fortify around ur cities and wait until u really starve and no production can take place before attacking's like a boycott :P
Also it's a good idea to try and control the seas and hold back the trade of others......however it's very costly :?
Early in the game i like to get mounted scouts to find treasures and could really help you get an economical edge and develop more fast. Also push the other forces into the corner from the beginning....otherwise u will be the one in the corner and defending is hard
I rate this game with a 5!!!!! (but i hate loosing a frigate against a loaded galleon or is this possible a transport-trade ship sinking a state of the art war ship???)
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