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Originally posted by caesar007@Feb 22 2005, 05:04 PM
it's a good game , but civ is better

combat is not random , i see some people have said it is , but it isn't

the only problem with this game is that at the higher levels you can't afford any sidelines like trying to conquer the other enemy colonies ,* your only goal is to prepare for war against your own king and the trade is too important in this game , you constantly need ships for trade and that get's boring
I think the game has a sort of random generator to generate outcomes like combat, events etc. To get a different outcome say in combat, get some other unit to perform a task like moving or pioneer work, then attack with combat unit. This should also work with events like the treasure found in lost cities (good for getting those fountains of youth). I wonder if this applies to Civilisation as well? It's been awhile...

Once you get Peter Stuyvesant(?) you get to build custom houses so no need for ships to trade. It's nice to maintain a state of war with at least one other nation though, they are a good source of colonists and combat training. Keep some veteran dragoons parked outside an enemy town, when they foolishly send troops to attack you, rout them and ship them back with a waiting galleon or caravel. LOL
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