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Just to make it clear:

The sweat odor of sportswear is due to being drenched with sweat and stored in the Clothes Basket before the weekly laundry. And not the odor because of the armpit or something...


By the way, I do not even have smell of armpit since:

• I am very thin;
• I eat healthy food;
• I have no addictions;
• I feed occasionally from junk food... Munch! Munch! Slurp! Burp!
And another thing: I bring the Personal Ventilator (Fan) even though there is Air Conditioner, because being Mini-split System Air Conditioner, it can not evenly cool the whole room environment.

So, as I sweat a lot during physical activities (Brazil is very hot!), the use of the Fan is imperative. I wish the Air Conditioner in the Condo Gym (Fitness Club) was of the type Central (Ducted) Air Conditioning...

You can say I am not a fan of the Fanny Fan, but fan of that awesome Cool Fan aka Central (Ducted) Air Conditioning ()...
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