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Originally Posted by marko river View Post
Oh, yes, copyright, I forgot about that...

Can we accept images for preservation without adding them to site as long as it is protected? I know it doesn't seems like it will ever be abw again, but still... why risking it to be totally lost.
Not sure, but I'll ask the Abandonia admins about this.

However, regardless of the answer, there is a place which accepts pretty much any old-school game for preservation purposes: the Software Preservation Society. The only requirement is that you either buy and use their KryoFlux universal floppy controller to read the disks' data from the disk drive of your choice, or use a Commodore-manufactured Amiga which meets certain requirements.

Also, in the event you're interested in the KryoFlux for whatever reason, I'd highly recommend you take a look at this user-friendly overview of what the KryoFlux is and what it can do.
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