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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
That's because you failed your Etiquette skill check. It could be a logical reaction from someone whom you're addressing in an inappropriately pedantic tone for example. By speaking in a polite or blunt tone you can get a more favorable reaction (depending on whom you talk to), if you pass the skill check; but if you don't you get a more unfavorable reaction than if you had used a normal tone. Overall, pretty useless.
I've also thought about that being a game feature It's still a bit weird that someone should consider politeness as "talking down to them", but I guess those peasants and townsfolk just don't know manners

Speaking about weirdness, I remember a merchant quest where I had to deliver a false letter; in that particular case, a love-letter from a girl to her fiancee had to be replaced with hate mail. During the quest, I had the options to ask people around for the whereabouts of both the girl and her addressee, and I indeed found them out. However, I could not tell them about the false letter (I decided that completing the original quest and replacing the letter was such a bad thing to do), so finding them was pretty useless. The quest description at UESP Wiki also does not mention the possibility of revealing the intents of your employer to the people involved either.
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