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I've uploaded a walkthrough for Space Rogue. It covers ships, trading, the plots, and even how to win at the game-within-a-game, "HIVE!". I also have some tips and tricks such as how to play as other ships, removing walls and obstacles (i.e. in the way that you remove walls in DOOM), and how to get the items in the game, as well as many other things.

I've also updated the base maps. I've marked out where items are, which doors need the key card or need to be picked, and the initial start positions of all the characters.

Thirdly, I've uploaded a save file, OETA.SAV. This was the file I used to play as any ship many years ago, but I find I can't reproduce the cheat now in Windows XP nor Dosbox, so I've included it for people who might want to use this method instead of save file editing.

I'm now working on a save file and game file editing walkthrough, such as how to change how many credits you have or what items you have, how to edit the maps, and so forth. However, it may take a while; I have most of the MAPS file mapped out, but don't know much about how to decode the text used when you're on a base (they're in the STRINGS file). Also, there's possibly a plot (or more) that's missing, since I couldn't figure out how to toggle a couple of the RPG plot toggles, so if you know of any plots that I didn't mention, please let me know.

Oh by the way, I didn't upload the stuff in the box, the maps are based on what's actually in the game, not what came in the box. I've lost those many many years back. However, they're readily available on
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