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Originally Posted by marko river View Post
Yes you can bug me more often to get me down to it

Originally Posted by marko river View Post
Anyway, I checked Ultima 4 and Comet scans. I noticed that Ultima 4 front side of the box says "Apple II 64K Required". This doesn't sound like PC version of the game. I will surely use the map though
Oh, I didn't know that we use the PC-Boxshots exclusively. I thought that Ultima IV is so rare that any boxshot will help. I bought the AppleII-Version long time ago because it is, as far as I know the very first one published from that game. That leads me to the problem that I can't offer the Boxshots for Ultima III because it is also the AppleII-Version, but yeah that's another topic anyway.

But thanks for your help!

edit: Yes, I can scan the manual for comet. But that will take a little time.

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