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Default barbarian - B17 cd-rom version and others

Hi all,

Sorry but i could not find a how-to or criteria for games that you would like to have.

Due to persistence of time, all 3.5" games are lost forever .

This is my list:

Overkill - box scan (3.5")

B17 Flying Fortress - The Mighty Eight - game: cd-rom version, has lots of manuals. is this the same game as already on the site?

Secret of the Silver Blades - manual + Clue Book

Pools of Darkness - manual + Clue Book

Centipede cd-rom version - game + manual

War of the Worlds (GT, Replay) - cd-rom game + manual (well it's a bit large)

The Last Dynasty (Sierra) - cd-rom version (sold by amazon) + manual

FX Fighter (GTE) - cd-rom version + manual

Wing Commander Academy - box shots + manual (3,5")

Wing Commander IV The Price of Freedom - cd-rom version + manual

Grand Theft Auto 1 - cd-rom version

The Dukes of Hazard - cd-rom version

Redneck Rampage I + II - manuals (sold at

Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers - manual from cd-rom version

Flight Unlimited - cd-rom version

FullTilt! Pinball - cd-rom version + manual

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