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as copied from Sourceforge -

A bugfix release this time, but we couldn't resist adding a few new exciting features:

Added a new recompiling cpu core which is easier to port!

Added a x86_64 and a mipsel_32 recompiling core.
Fixed hangups on certain platforms after long gameplay of several games.

Fixed several joystick bugs.

Improved cdrom support. (fixes for audio, iso and detection.)

Improved SVGA and VESA. (detection and display)

Fixed a few textmodes and improved ansi emulation a bit.

Fixed pcspeaker and certain types of soundeffects.

Added undocumented mousebackdoor.

Made mount and imgmount a bit easier to use. (ioctl by default, support
for ~ and ~username, auto size guessing for images)

Fix a few compilation problems on various hosts and a general code

Several small fixes that improve compatibility.
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