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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
I feel great after losing more than 14 kg after a more balanced, nutritious and healthy diet in conjunction with aerobic physical activities such as fast walking and running.

I think perhaps my weight reduction has slowed down after I have intensified the time of my races. Muscle gain? Who knows?

Aerobic activities, for those who have no physical restrictions, have only shown positive results such as improving sleep, improving mood, more relaxation, improved mental concentration, improved digestion, more satiety in food, etc.

Like every good thing, it would be prudent to avoid excesses or extremes, that is, neither lacking nor excessive, but in balance and patience (perseverance)...
It may be that during physical activity of walking and / or running, you do not lose weight as you expected. Never be discouraged, because there are explanations for this!

01) You are gaining muscle mass. And that is really nice! Have perseverance and patience, for surely the results will come sooner or later!
02) You may need to restrict consumption of pasta, meat and fat.

Although I lost more than 14 kg, I estimate that my muscle gain was about 3 kg. That is, maybe I have lost the weight between 14 kg and 17 kg!

Fortunately, I am already within the rankings of being a thin person and I plan to lose over 7 kg just to get me away from being an overweight person.
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