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Originally Posted by MrFlibble View Post
Recently I have found Wayback Machine-archived pages of a website belonging to a small UK game development team called Dod-G Pos-E. Never heard of them before. Apparently they had released several of their DOS games as shareware via publisher called Ultisoft, but sometime later liberated those titles. Some of the games were free from the start.
In fact I got some of them, some which has the verification code to be entered, our best bet is to post a request for each, I can provide files, since those you posted a link needs some programs said on their site, and it would be better for the end-user to have the apps running at full without needing to download anything else. Too bad Ultisoft released mostly slotmachine simulators than games, but I'm tracking down each of them, I hope to get most of it.
EDIT: I stopped to post requests because I don't have time to post them now.
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