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Originally Posted by yoga View Post
Any news for next TES, amigos?
Well there kinda was a follow-up TES game, only it wasn't made by Bethesda but by Zenimax Online, who, at the beginning at least, consisted of people who loved the TES franchise. It's a MMORPG game, which means not as good quality for solo play but a much bigger emphasis on playing with many other players, and the name is The Elder Scrolls Online.
Still rocking to this time, though it is coming into the age, and the company right now consists more of people interested in extracting money from players, than in the series' franchise itself, but still quite a good game imo, from my perspective of playing it regularly.

Of course, MMORPG means large time commitment, which often leaves other solo player games on the side. It's those contras and pros to consider with that one.

Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
After all, Unity is Force / Strength!
Does that have anything to do with May the Force be with you? Cause, unity is certainly a force, but a mighty difficult thing to achieve with us humans.

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