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I have it too... but I thought, it's on site, no?

Also, it seems, I totally missed your 2016th message, spamalot. Sorry. :|

If you still want to do that, I believe, MDS/MDF must be totally enough. Did you try to play you disc from the original in your player? If it works (and MDF is not) - maybe something wrong with ripper/mounter.

I usually use Daemon Tools Lite, it make the same MDS/MDF, and can mount it back in original form.

...But I could swear that I made English fan-translated disc for someone on this forum already...

Yes, I did. In 2011th, obviously. So it must be around somewhere.

...And yes, I have it. Made from this ISO above and sound tracks from full German version.

This is another home-made image. I made it from freely available CD-rip of Windows version plus audiotracks from German CD-version from UG.

Game is German by default, but if after installation you'll rename .ENG files in WV2WIN\TEXT dir to correspondent .GER ones, replacing old .GER files, game will be on English after that.

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