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got the original cd (whales voyage 1 + 2 german, windows version). its a mixed media cd (1st track is data + 15 tracks audio/music).

tried to rip it but still did not get the complete medium: as iso-file i can only rip 1 track per iso, so its data only (=> 130MB).
the program i used (CDburnerXP) proposed mdf/mds files which can contain more than 1 track. so i did that and made a 1:1 copy (=> 661MB). when mounting those files (with winCDemu 4.1 since virtual clonedrive can't mount mdf/mds) i don't see the audio-tracks with windows media player (win10 x64) so i guess the audio tracks are not ripped correctly.
last thing i will try out wil be making a physical copy, first copying as an audio cd, then adding the data...

-> any tipps on ripping this mixed medium?

i got it to work quite fine in d-fend/dosbox, starting windows 3.11 (, and mounting my iso to it. in win3.11 i instelled WV2 and could run it.
the already known "insert cd" msg pops up every few seconds until i deactivated "music" in the upper windows-options. the SFX is played fine but the game is without music.

i may write a review and add screenshots if needed.

the question is, if this variant can be offered on abandonia since it won't work out of the (dos)box

-> i'd like to help translate into english if anyone knows how to export/import text from such games. (i'm native german speaking but speak english quite ok).
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