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the easiest way is to use the screenshot function of DOSBox (Ctrl+F5). The current website layout will resize them as needed for display, and this way we have original images instead of down-sampled ones, which is a pity in many current cases.
Actually, you gave me a windows version, right? But as running it under windows has many problems (see the other threads about the CD-missing-message), I should try this on the DOSbox too. I've made some screenshots, but my choise of words wouldn't be appropriate as I'm a bit pissed that the games runs buggy and without most of the sound and story.

Edit: yeah, I can't level up without crashing and in DosBox it won't run... So, I rush my review from the perspective of no fights, a lot of trading and space fights and spacecraft upgrading.

Review: 2 / 5

After a nice 3D camera flight to a space air port on a lonely planet, you start directly with the crew creation screen. Random values can be improved in some cases and like in the first game, you have different schools and professions.

When your crew has entered the Whale, you can start your journey... and a bully is calling immediatly. You should bring that radioactive, illegal stuff behind that door next to the cockpit to a far planet. Ok, let's do that. Well... yeah, we found out that the guy, who should help us, has been retired. And for the next travel we need to earn some money as the space ship has to be improved. And so you're hopping, trading, hopping between the planets, hopefully buying cheap and selling expensive.

All in all the trading part is pretty easy ... unless you don't lose all your money or sell to the wrong trader or didn't survive a travel to the next planet.

The game has been improved in comparison to Whale's Voyage 1 (espacially the fighting!), but still is a short and nice game, without many challenges or a broad story. On the other hand the combination of a scifi trading game with 1st person shooting and rpg is quite rare and when I played it in the 90ies I really liked this game.
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