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I've not played this title for some time now until last week. The game is quite nice, I must say, but the micromanagement, while fun with less than 10 planets, gets really annoying and tedious when your empire reaches several dozens of them.
The planet auto-management is completely broken with the computer AI building structures on inappropriate squares and picking some crazy facility combinations. I just can't believe construction queue was not implemented here. I mean, the game just asks for it. And even hardcore strategy geeks will find it annoying to manually set construction orders for each planet every time a structure is build on them.
3: If you look at the definition of strategy games in the dictionary, you will probably see micro management written right next to it. MM can't be removed from good strategy games because otherwise you would end up with an automated action game commonly referred as RTS games. If you really can't stand MM, strategy games are probably not for you...
I will never agree with such a statement. The thing with the strategy games is they make you to think on your next moves. They force you to do a long time planning. But how can you do long time planning when you're constantly bothered by hundreds of tedious build reports coming from each of your hundreds of planets every single game day? And if you really want good colonies, you have to micromanage them because of said AI. But why micromanage when, from the very beginning of the game, you already have the idea from what structures each planet's surface should consist of? I just see no point in MM in such a wide-scale game.

1: yes, but, as you mentioned it is important to get the bigger and better planets first. nothing i said gainsays that
I think the planets you should get to with the highest priority are those with Xeno digs, even if such a planet is the smallest in the whole system. Xeno digs are uber-important, but I'm sure it's already been said here. With their help I've been able to reach the maximum technology level with my Govoroms by turn 1700 (and I'm sure that with aggressive expansion it can be achieved a lot, lot earlier). Right now I'm dismantling all my laboratories and building industrial mega facilities instead, to produce those hi-tech capital ships while other races are still using pulsers.
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