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Originally Posted by Blake00 View Post
Yes as someone who heavily trades with the natives this is one of my biggest annoyances! Having to constantly send scouts to find out whats going on.. arrghh!

Thankfully we're not alone as the FreeCol Project team fixed this in their Colonization remake so not only is there a dedicated Indian Adviser that shows all the villages, what they train and what they trade but you can also click on any village on the map at any time to get this information too..
True, FreeCol has done that really well. The Indian villages even have names now, and they show you all the information you need. FreeCol even allows several new colonial powers, some of which should have been there in the beginning: Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Russia.

However, I've never really enjoyed playing FreeCol. I'm not a fan of the isometric projection, it's lacking the music, and important game mechanics are different: the price of tools and muskets doesn't rise in the same way, the War of Independence is much tougher, etc. And the developers weren't too friendly when you pointed out things like that. Also its development seems to have petered out.

Most of all though, it just overall lacks the look and feel and the gameplay I've come to love in old Col. I want to play Colonization for DOS with a few improvements, not a different but related game. And FreeCol (or Civ IV Col with fan mods) is a different game.

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