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4) Installing an OS on our harddrive.

As we've seen, PCem allows a wide variety of OSes to be installed in our machine. However, our OS must match our intentions and the emulated hardware. In our case, we have a 486/66 CPU and gaming in our mind, so we're installing the Spanish version of MS-DOS 6.22.

So we start our machine with two disk images, the first MS-DOS floppy disk in A: and our harddrive in C:

Every OS has its own quirks, but essentially all we need to do is to follow the on-screen instructions. If we are prompted for extra disks, we can insert them using PCem menus:

Until the process eventually finishes:

From now on we can boot our machine from the harddrive. Other units are not really necessary, unless we need to copy / install programs from them.
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