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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
How's it going Lianne? Still working on AT? I'd just like to update you I haven't found my old papers but I started a thread called 'Tracker's Trudging Through Tough Terrain' (yeah, I know lol) and I'm gonna write bi-weekly. You can at least take a butcher's and see some of my work. I have some reviews on site too, for Wizardry I-II-III and IV. Hit me up if there's something I can help with (reviewing, editing, layout, etc).
Hey no problem, I'll check it out! And as it happens, not much, unfortunately the adult world has been very much getting in the way of my doing any serious work :/ But I haven't forgotten the project! If you want to write a review of any game you like, that is more than welcome, or of course you can use the Wizardry reviews as well, I'm sure we can put in a nudge for 'Tracker's Trudging Through Tough Terrain' as well
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