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Originally Posted by Nerd42 View Post
For some reason it's not letting me make a new thread so I guess I'll hijack yours. Here's my upload:

Journeyman Project Turbo!
Buried In Time Disc 1 of 3
Buried In Time Disc 2 of 3
Buried In Time Disc 3 of 3

I can get Legacy of Time sometime soon. Somebody please get Pegasus Prime!!

BTW Here's something to listen to while you're downloading - my remix of the Journeyman Project theme: "Buried In Trance"
Please post next time in Requests Thread so we can create new Threads where needed or add to already existent Threads.

JPT Megaupload is the same as BIT Disc 3. Please check it.
Legends will never die.

Check here for Maps i made
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