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Default #5G ready Mobile Games@Kickstarter

Dear Everyone,

Please do take 30-45 seconds to read this little post. Hope so you won't find this as a SPAM, I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

The project has started innocently in 2015, as a research project on how to implement an HTML5 game for mobile devices. It wasn't supposed to be anything big, just a yet another student's curiosity. The game was done, but the student has reached to resource which stated that "in the future, we dream about games send directly via links, i.e. without installation". The graduate student has kept working after hours on simple games deployable across many different platforms (Android, Chrome Web Store, Facebook, iOS,

However, in 2019, Facebook has incorporated games without installation on Messenger. That was it, he has published these games into that platform, soon reaching 150k+ players, with very simple games. THAT'S IT!
It was a blast, THAT'S IT, the future of Game Development. **GAMES WITHOUT INSTALLATION**. Since then, we've started working as a team. We believe that 5G will change the industry diametrically, and we won't need installing games on our devices anymore.

I don't want to take more than 45 seconds of your time to read this, but if you've found these seconds noteworthy, you can bake us at
Don't wanna bake us? Sharing the campaign & reactions on that post will help us too!

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