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Kind of surprised this game isn't at Abandonia since it's not for sale anywhere and seems abandoned with no sequel on the way. Although maybe it's still sitting in Microsofts IP dungeon lol.

I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuge Freelancer fan (so much so I run a fb fan group haha). Fans still mod it to this day creating cool stuff but somehow this great old game never got a sequel.

There's a number of 'similar games' out there that are pretty good (eg I play the X games) but the number 1 closest I've seen yet is a brand new game called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. It's CRAZY how close to Freelancer it is. The main character is even named Juno lol! It's got planetary landings and space bars, even optional mouse steering like Freelancer had.

This guy has done a good video review of it:

Here's some sexy screens I found around the net:


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