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Originally Posted by Paco View Post
You can read here how to capture Screenshots with DosBox.

and make a List of Games, Extra, etc of which you want to submit, so TotalAnarchy can check them and eventually approve them and give you FTP-Access where you can upload to.
So, it is not a thred for each game...

Now, about screenshots:
a) I am not using DosBox - I usually have a computer for each system, or so... and the screen "thieves" I used do not work...or... I am not able to...
The amazing thing for some games is to be able to get screenshots with the Printscreen key when they run with Win98 or even XP!!!
b)actually there are disagreements about the "genuine" size of screenshots using DosBox and the PrintScreen key with Win98 in some games - this last one method get bigger/better images!

Any other idea to skip DosBox would be much appreciated.
Thanks anyway!
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