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There, my internships are over after this day. I'm going to miss it, but I think I'm going to enjoy the time I can spend on personal projects again.

I had a great learning experience. Especially because I started at a company I didn't like. The choice to leave and search for a better option was a big step for me. Normally I would just take the situation for granted and continue with what I was doing. Cause who knows if you can actually get a new internship within a week?

But taking the risk and search for a new place was the right choice. And the latter company was awesome to work for / with. I've made some great things, worked on big projects ( Wanadoo, Orange mobile for example) as well as smaller ones. being one of the coolest projects to work for.

Soo take my advice. When you're searching for an intership, take great care in searching a company you can identify yourself with. And if it all ends up being dull, leave and search another place!

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