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Hi guys, I also managed to find the file containing everything needed to install and play it. Your image definitely doesn't work - I tried in vain again just now. I am busy uploading that working file to the FTP (or whatever it's called) and apparently it should only take another 12 hours or so ... lol. The completely unzipped file size is 479Mb. It's been a year since I started this project so I can unfortunately not really remember which place I got the workable download from. I see I called the file the ISO2010 file and when I run the setup it gives some kind of message about which installer it is, etc. I'm sure you guys, being far more clued up than I am, will be able to figure out its origins from there. I think it was one of the recommended sites on the troubleshooting board, or else it was the file that Stinkywizzleteats referred me to. I trust that you'll be able to get permission for using it on here.

Apologies also for no screen shots - I don't know how to get those. I did try, but in vain. I am much better at playing games than anything else on a computer, I'm afraid.

Edit: Sorry guys, but when the download got to about 75%, I got an error message that said I must make sure I had permission to upload files to the FTP server and that the connection with it was reset. Any suggestions?


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