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Originally Posted by jonh_sabugs View Post
The online course proposes going over full algorithm basis, class/objects OO knowledge, and other technologies over only two months.
Yeaaah don't you expect them to get very far in teaching any of those. It's from a university, but it looks like only a little bit of everything. I mean, if that "Teddy Bear Destruction" minigame is a sample of what we will have completed at the end of the course...

I don't see any specific mentions of algorithmics that they plan to cover, I'd bet it will be if/for/while and little more.

If you want a course about algorithms, I did this other one last year, it was interesting.

And I don't think they plan to teach object oriented patterning further than the strictly necessary to teach C# itself...

I expect this to be a very basic introduction to programming using C# together with an introduction to XNA. As for the .NET standard library, it doesn't look like they'll cover more than string manipulation, and quite basic at that. I'd actually prefer something more advanced that required some background (actually C#/.NET is by far the language I know best).
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