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Originally Posted by jonh_sabugs View Post
That sounds nice, but it's a lot of content for two months span. It may be a bit tough for people with absolutely no experience in the area.
Regarding workload, it's supposed to be in the order of a traditional college course, not a regular online course. As for difficulty, I don't think it will be an issue for anyone really interested, the requirements specify that they'll teach programming from zero; still again it will take some hours every week. For people who already know programming and even object-oriented programming this course is too easy actually, so we can probably complete it faster, and hopefully learn something that we wouldn't learn faster by looking up XNA in the MSDN library...? Or at least take the time to play with a project with some guidance and a timeline.

Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman View Post
An awesome find, Japo. I guess I should dust off Visual Studio, eh?
This Fall I want to take at least this one and the Aerodynamics one from MIT...
Life starts every day anew. Prospects not so good...
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