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Question How do I download and set up CyberJudas?

Hey, all! I know that this thread has been somewhat inactive, but if anyone's still here, I'd like to ask how to set up CyberJudas successfully and play it.

If the explanation was in layman's terms, that would be very preferable. I have very little experience with DOSBox (the emulator I'm using to play CyberJudas on) and I've tried my best to have it set up. The farthest I've gotten is to the .EXE file needed to run the program. I've gotten it to run and display the creators of the game, but it hasn't gotten farther than that, for when I get that to display, the game doesn't run and I'm told to insert the CD to play the game.

I know this might sound really stupid, but remember that I'm very inexperienced with DOSBox and DOS, and the main reason why I even downloaded DOSBox is because of CyberJudas.

I have a separate folder in my C: drive named "DOSBOXGAMES" that I placed the CyberJudas files I downloaded within. I downloaded CyberJudas's files from My Abandonware. Anything at all will help!

Thank you all, and have a nice day / night!
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