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Originally Posted by PrincessCasey View Post
I remember you could buy any game from back then and you knew it would just work
I assure you that new games were always demanding in terms of hardware, in the case of evolving platform as PC. 18 years ago I was struggling to free few kilobytes of RAM in order to run Doom (what a joy it was when I succeeded!).

It's different today because... let me just say, that in 1990s a 10-year-old game would be primitive, with clunky interface. Today 10-year-old games still have good controls, CD-audio quality positional sound, tooltips etc. That's why they age slower than titles from pioneer times of squeaky sounds and eye-gouging video palettes.
Compare movies: a film from 1910s is difficult to watch today, while a talkie comedy from 1930s still retains its charm, yet each are over 70 years old so the relative time gap between them seems irrelevant today. When a medium gets to a certain point of maturity, its works better resist time.

Some will say I complain about new games because I got old. Yet I did this over a decade ago while still a teen! Some changes are simply unwelcome and I have my own taste, thank you.
You've mentioned Lemmings, I'll nod to you by adding Worms. Sometimes gameplay changes so much when moved to 3D that this elusive something (playability) no longer clicks with the gamers.

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