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Moved to the proper part of the forum. Please use only the games part of the forum for game related topics do not use open forum for that.

As to the question I would say that todays games are in many ways better just not always. I enjoyed Doom more then I did Doom3 but I cannot agrue that in many ways Doom3 was the better game. Gaphics need not be explained but as far as gameplay goes the controls where better in Doom3 then Doom and being able to use the extra dimension (Doom was essentially 2D) is great. Monsters are smarter and there are more options (moving the barels with a crane was especially fun). I also got hooked on a strategy game recently, Hearts of Iron 2. Something like that the gameing world has never seen before. The level of debth and realism is amazing.

Of todays game genre´s only pure adventures have gone downhill. They are no longer being made in large numbers and the few who are still being released are not as good as the great ones from years gone by. The genre that has bennefitted the most in terms of quality, I think, are the strategy games. Strategy used to be an area of little or no graphics and large collums of numbers (think early SSI). Now we have games like Rome Total War, which still has its flaws but is still one of the best games released in the strategy genre ever and, dare I say it, Hearts of Iron 2 (not a looker but fun through and through).

For Nostalgias sake we tend to romantisize games we knew in our childhood and remember them more fondly then we knew them back then. Games today are not worse on the whole now then they where back then. The best of yesteryear are better then the mediocraty of games today but the best games today by and large beat their older cousins in every gategory.
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