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*votes no*
First of all, if you've played one game nowadays, you've played a quarter of them. Play Half Life 2 and you've played Halo 2, Super Metroid Prime 2 and all that crap, for example. Story's always the same: "They bad, we good. We got guns, so we shoot bad." That or it's yet another RPG spoofed off of the Baldur's Gate engine. There's nothing innovative in today's games (except Syberia and a few others, but they're kept out of the spotlight, for some reason). When I got to a store, I don't want to see the shelves packed with The Sims addons and rip-offs, but with alot of wonderful, original games. If that's the case, who gives a muck 'bout graphics? Sure, having cool graphics's sweet, but if story, gameplay and over-all originality is kicked in the rear due to it, it's just an insult to the gamer.

'bout the controls... who can beat a game which only uses the cursors and one button as controls? Or a joystick and one button? I've seen games that require two keyboards, a gamepad, three joysticks and a pair of mouses, so to speak. It's good to have lots of options in a game, but they have to learn to try and incorporate it into a minimal amount of keys and menus. Otherwise, it's just a pain to find which key's for what all the time and kills the fun of a game. That or you just don't use three fourth of the functions the game supplies. In that case, they could just as well haven't bothered 'bout it.
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