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i only played halo 1 (2 was not made for PC). but i founf it annoying the console type of game play in Halo 1. what i mean is you cant' progress untill you kill all enemies. and this is done by either some team stops you and wants you to "defend them" or some doors are locked until you kill them all and this robot comes out to open them...

what i like to do sometimes is just run past the enemies. especially i liked doing this in Doom 1&2 where they would start shooting between themselves as a result.

online games mostly suck. partially because of cheaters and some peopel who think is funny to stand on the doors blocking everyone else. and also i miss the mute person button in some games.most of all they are no fun unless you are in some clan doing clan wars or if you have some option of coop gameplay. in shooters people are way too disorganised. no one is leader. and most are snipers because for some reason sniper rifle bullets are much stronger.
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