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This game is great. I still remember to play it around 6 years ago, looking forward impatiently to reach the point where you can finally fight the Gorrors.
They're the most difficult enemies the game has to offer and you don't need to fight them. If you still decide to do so, be prepared to spend hours and hours of dying / reloading the savegame before you may kill them. And they leave really much experience and the best treasure after their death the game has to offer, though it's always random one like everywhere in the game.
Here are the most impossible of them:
The Thing from Hell (will make you all insane and is almost impossible to hit)
The Beast of 1000 eyes (you stand almost no chance against it's spell, and it can stone you or kill you, muhahaha!)
The Fiend of 9 Worlds (he'll kill your party in about 15-20 rounds even if they're really high level)
Good luck when you reach them, but they're worth it, believe me.
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