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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post
I have no idea what game you mean... but I also noticed that your description is somewhat too vague.

What exact code do you mean? Is it memory game with sequence of colors, puzzle with deciphering items by "right/wrong" guesses or maybe you need to assemble code part by part?

(I remembered Geekwad by the way, but while it have color-coded bomb, it's quite different from your description).
Yup, Geekwad is very far from what I'm looking for.
Originally Posted by Bugamn View Post
The description reminds of the many mastermind clones that I have seen. By the way, were the comments voiced or text on the screen? I think I remember that one of those clones had a virtual opponent with text balloons.
Looked around and it's a Mastermind clone in some part. About the game, you have a number of guesses and 4 spaces in each guess (Along with some colors for the guesses); The 3D character (it's voiced) says things like "There's a color in the wrong place". Strange is that is not on the list of Mastermind clones lit on Mobygames... Maybe this part is only a portion of a full game (considering I played a shareware/demo version)
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