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Unhappy Bomb Defusing sort of game

I tried searching for it on my shareware discs but I can't even find it...
This game (that I don't remember the name) is a sort of a bomb defusing game, where you must hit a pattern to pass to the other level, in this game I don't remember if the object was a bomb or a chest or mechanism of sorts, but you need to beat a sequence of 4 colors to pass to another level.
Another interesting point is that a part of the gameplay is in 3D (there's a character that keeps talking while you make your guesses, that's the most remarkable part that I remember), and for some time I thought the name of the game was "Enigma"(because of the puzzles) just to find out it was a breakout clone that was on another disc I played on the same time as this one.
Probably we're looking for something between 1996-2001...
Oh, and by what I remember it's for Windows.
Sorry if my description is vague but I don't remember what could come in the registered version.
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