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Originally Posted by RRS View Post
My anger is aimed at GameFly, the current owners. I hope the website starts generating loses and will drop in value, so they'll be inclined to sell it back quickly... back to the community where it belongs! We'd Kickstarter to get the database back.
I've never liked companies owning non-profit online sites.
It makes we wonder when the day is that they will say "PAH! You stupid non-profit community nonsense! You aren't helping us!" and SLAM the whole thing goes 6 feet under.

I also don't like the idea of a company owning AB, but I guess they seem like a faithful enough company.

Then again, I don't like the idea of a single person owning it either.

That one person goes down, quits, stops caring, whatever, all gone/downhill.

I wonder how a community owned site would work? I suppose 1 person would take care of most of the "Boss" stuff, and when they decided to quit, they would hand it off to another?
And for the other things, the community would do the rest?

All in all, I guess I could say I'd rather have a lot of money and own these things myself than someone else... but I don't think that's going to happen

So, to sum up, I don't like the idea of Gamefly, a rather small little game-rental company, owning MobyGames.

I just hope they give it away to someone good if they go out of business.

Gamefly also seems like someone who would be overly concerned with profit.
But not like I know that much about Gamefly, anyway.

That's all for me.

However I do admit the site was a bit dated. My major problem was ancient forum script: no basic formatting buttons, no link autoparsing, confusing quoting etc.
I noticed the old design looked a little old. Also, a little text heavy/ small fonted.

It worked, though, and besides, if anybody's likely to complain about Dated designs, the Dos-Game listing site's community isn't them.(I think)

So did Moby have listings for other things besides the really old stuff? Like did it have new things and such?
^^ Above comment sounds stupid but needed to be said anyway.

Toast to design improvement!

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