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Originally Posted by StaaViinsZ View Post
Why did the site need a re-design anyway? It was working fine as far as I knew.
I - and quite a few veterans of Moby's - would say it only needed few critical fixes, enhancing some features would be cool (like not just a year in search, but year range). Adding a new gaming platform bimonthly wouldn't hurt either (remember my updates here?).
People who were major contributors/approvers were so used to the current interface it simply made things quicker (than learning any new one).

However I do admit the site was a bit dated. My major problem was ancient forum script: no basic formatting buttons, no link autoparsing, confusing quoting etc.

We'd probably all get used to a new design provided it wasn't completely broken as it is now.

If you were a MobyUser, one of the most annoying bugs is... only PM outbox, no inbox displayed! Shows the skills of their designer, probably a typo!
Contributing/approving is nearly impossible without internal communication.
Note how it breaks any attempts of rallying the community!

My anger is aimed at GameFly, the current owners. I hope the website starts generating loses and will drop in value, so they'll be inclined to sell it back quickly... back to the community where it belongs! We'd Kickstarter to get the database back.
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