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I said I never used the site except as a search engine-- that doesn't mean never used the site...
Your post comes off as snarky... and yet, I know, it's mostly very correct
The situation sounds pretty dire-- Why did the site need a re-design anyway? It was working fine as far as I knew. (Which, as you prestigeously pointed out, isn't much )

Still though, no one can argue the search feature has been destroyed-- can they?

If I may say so, I didn't keep talking, I spoke. You're the one who continued the Convo.
Plus I made it pretty clear that I only used the site for searching-- and that otherwise I knew nothing about it-- so my belief is you (and everyone is) are more angry about the Mobygames problems than you are about my comment. Besides, you were pretty nice anyway.

So as far as Mobygames goes-- yikes!
Rest assured that someone will fix it eventually-- however for people who have lost lists or info, I am truely sorry.
P.S. Next time, let's try to keep Mobygames anger directed at Mobygames-- not at the noob who's never used the site except as a search. Thanks so much
All this said, thank you for catching me up to speed with your link. It helps
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