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My updated impressions on Mortal Kombat X (now Mortal Kombat XL):

It's been an entire year now since MKX first launched. Geez, time flies when you're having fun :P .

Anyways, much has changed since my last post in this thread. I finally bought a PS4 along with that version of MKX during Thanksgiving weekend last year, thus I was FINALLY able to play and enjoy the game for REAL! The PS4 version is so much better than the PC version that it's not even funny. Sorry guys, I know many of you are major PC diehards, but they really botched the PC version of MKX. In fact, in an extremely controversial and upsetting move a few months ago, WB Games and NetherRealm Studios decided to pull the plug on trying to keep the PC version as good as the console versions. What this means is, they'll still support the PC version, they're just not gonna improve its netcode or add all the new content from Mortal Kombat XL (a new version of the game that came out back in last month that contains 4 new DLC characters as well as all the previous DLC characters and costumes).

Don't get me wrong, I love playing on PC just as much as I love playing on console and handheld. But trust me, unless you have absolutely no access to a PS4 and/or XBOX ONE, it would be a VERY wise idea to buy and/or play the game for console instead of PC this time. You won't regret it; I don't because of all those aforementioned nightmarish issues I had (I STILL have) with trying to get the PC version to run on my laptop...

*Whoo!* Now that that's out of the way...
I'm really enjoying MKX (I've upgraded to MKXL so that's what I'm gonna call it from here on...) and still enjoy it now. I'm Abandonia's Resident MK Master for crying out loud, so of course I still enjoy it now! In fact, I enjoy it even more than the previous MK game now, and I initially thought that would be a tough act to follow! It may not have every single MK character you know and love, and the new additions may feel a bit bland at first, but the improved gameplay and the plethora of stuff to do (Story Mode, all those different Tower types, Living Towers, Faction War, etc.) more than make up for it. My only gripe is that I'll never be able to unlock everything in the game, because some of the alternate costumes can only be unlocked by basically achieving pro status online. And no, the "Unlock All Krypt Items" DLC doesn't unlock them either, thus I chose not to buy it.

If you're thinking about trying the game out:
1. Read the Wikipedia article I linked to in my previous post; That'll tell you a lot about what you need to know.
2. Try to get or play the game on PS4 or XBOX ONE. Avoid the PC version unless you have no other way of playing the game.
3. Try to get or play the XL version. You still have to unlock stuff in the game, but at least you have more character and costume options from the start...

In conclusion, judging by the game's post-credits scene, I can only wonder what NRS has in mind next, and what could possibly be revealed at E3 in a month. Will we see the next game in the franchise (which will most likely be extemely akin to Mortal Kombat Deception/Armageddon)? We'll see...

But then again, people have been bugging NRS about a sequel to their other fighting game, "Injustice: Gods Among Us" for a good while now. Once again though, that game is great in its own right, so whatever's next, whether it be MK11 or Injustice 2, I won't complain...
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