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I just started making my own.
The picture isn't much, but that's only because I have to use the old video tape I moved to the computer and go on from there.

Just have any number of gif pictures - that follow an animation sequence and merge them togheter.
For the sequence I use VirtualDub. It's a simple yet effective program to extract pictures out of a movie (it does much more then that, it's a mpeg/avi editor - convertor). Then I have to change them into *.gif (it only gives out *.bmp format). Once I have the *.gifs then I use Gif Animatro (it's not free, but you get a 30 day trial version). I gives the watermark on the top because I didn't buy it yet (and I guess I never will). Anyway - that's how I make my avatars...

Where did you find yours?
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