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The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! I'm proud to announce that we have another prize giveaway for all Abandonia and Abandonia Reloaded members. All VIPs, MODs, updaters and translators are also allowed to participate! The prizes are as follows:
TWO items from Abandonia's store (Abandonia Store)
Batman Forever CD

The winner gets to choose an item first, then the runner up gets his/her turn, and finally the 3rd position gets what's left

To win, all you have to do is do your best attempt at these 10 questions! The deadline is 2 weeks from today - 18th of May. When you have made your best effort at the questions send me a PM by clicking here. Do not rush as the answers will be marked according to detail and accuracy, not speed at which they are delivered. The first set of answers will be used for marking, and all subsequent ones will be ignored, so make sure you're happy with your answers before sending!

Do not under any circumstances post the answers to the questions in this topic. You may only post hints! Whoever reveals answers will be immediately banned.

1. Who was the first person to achieve Admin status on Abandonia forums besides Kosta? Why is this person's admin status undisputable?

2. Only one villain has ever won over Batman in a fist-fight, leaving Batman crippled as a result. Who?

3. When did Maikel take over the designing part of the site? Who was in charge of design before? What was Maikel's occupation at the time he started the first redesign?

4. Batman's base of operations is Gotham City, but what other superhero (not in the Batman family) used Gotham as his base?

5. How many servers does Abandonia run on? Which web hosting companies own these, and what do you estimate is the max allocated bandwith (in Mbits) of each?

6. In what comic was Batgirl shot in the spine and paralyzed for life? And who has the shooter?

7. One for the forum regulars... Which forum member, although not officially a moderator, has performed the most moderator actions to this day? Give a rough estimate of how many!

8. The Joker is possibly the most wellknown enemy of Batman, but what was his occupation before he changed into The Joker?

9. How is the creation date of Abandonia connected to Kosta's (owner's) family?

10. Who has *officially* used the Robin Costume in the comic? And in which order? And what happened to them?

Good luck to all competitors! Remember, you are free to discuss the questions, but by giving away hints you won't really be helping yourself

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