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Originally posted by Tom Henrik@Apr 17 2006, 09:41 PM
I'll put it in the Design Ideas in the Admin forum k:
While we're on the topic, is it possible to integrate into new design a message on translated pages, that not every review is accesible, because people who surf let's say Croatian page, will miss out games that haven't been translated (something that hapenned to me during my first visit), and it would be cool if people could still select the game that hasn't been translated and still download and on the place of review it would say something like "this page hasn't yet been translated click here to see the review in English"... (sort of what Grinder is proposing)
Also a count of translated reviews on the main page would be nifty, so people get a feel of how much is translated...
(of course if all of this stuff is possible anyway)

About the design, if it'll be as sexy as the present reloadeds design I'm sure I'll like it
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