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I did not watch Avengers Movies...

It reminds me of the Thanos Saga in which he manages to obtain the Infinite Stones from the various Cosmic Beings as In-Betweener and Elders of the Universe (Comics).

Looking at the Movie Synopsis, it seemed like a rough adaptation from Comics to Cinema.

People may have liked the Movies, but for those who know how the story went, or the “true” story, fans may have hated these adaptations as was the case with the Transformers franchise.

Well, at least for me, I lost nothing by not watching the Avengers Infinity War and Transformers franchise. It saved me time, annoyance and maybe boredom.

Curiously, I enjoyed watching latest film of Thor, which featured a Valkyrie and also the “fake” Cosmic Being Grandmaster, one of the Elders of the Universe, Surtur and Hela the Goddess of Death. In this film, scenes occur in which Odin passes away, Asgard is destroyed and Thor loses one of his eyes.

I will clarify: the Grandmaster that exists in the Thor movie is a fraud, because it is not a Cosmic Being with Cosmic Powers, but only an Alien with a lot of political and financial power. Nothing more than that.

Thus, this Grandmaster is not one of the Ancients of the Universe as his analogue in Comics. Unfortunately, the adaptations are not always “faithful” to the originals. *shrug*

Well, it can be helped... *shrug*
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