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ok - to summarise, cos i am not typing it all out again:

i want my 5$ back off the simant guy, or the game to be made.

steps to get this:

1: get on internet
2: get magazine to do feature article on simant and remake, pressure / encourage dev to finish game

ok. i gave up working for free a while ago, and you guys don't seem like you would pay in more than downloading computer games (for which i am very grateful). i suppose this is in lieu of my pay, so my mercenary streak is satisfied. it lets you know that i'm getting something awesome out of this, so i'm not gonna sit around waiting and posting on the internet about WTF IS IT COMING OUT?!?!?!?!!1

proactive n stuff.

so, steps to do that:

1: get on internet
2: help abandonia times get going so it can become a quality niche read that encompasses all the stuff like that that the people who make it are interested in. you can make some big ass web reads with even only a dozen or so staff.
3: dress up as spiderman and snog kirsten dunst before telling her to never sing and pretend to be a popstar again. (aka PROFIT!)

but how to get abandonia times going so that it can become the metropolitan bugle and we can all dress as superheroes?

1: get on internet
2: start at the beginning
3: profit at the end, in the form of some nice new leggings.

does that make any more sense?
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