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Default people of teh interent

friends, abandonians and the 9,638 ppl of facebook who may only rarely visit the forums.

idk this before but it has appeared that i may not be able to get a remake of simant because there is no magazine with which to help/pressure the guy into making it.

therefore, after examining the past issues of said mag and current issues of making said mag that are apparent in these forums (and being told by TotalAnarchy), may i suggest some alterations in both.

if you have ever searched for employment, you may have recognised that you are more likely to find a job if you are already working.
this can be analogised (lol anal) with this magazine project in that - more people will have more time to spend on it when it is regularly appearing.

that doesn't mean everyone grab a mallet and start smashing the shit out of everything, because that means having to get ppl to grab a broom to sweep up too and that's not as fun.

what i would suggest is, considering that it seems people are searching for others to give solutions and ideas, is to choose one and make that as a page or two.
small scale. small deadline. like - over a weekend or an evening. once a week at least.

it would require 2 or 3 people. 1 person could even do it. 1 to choose art and do layout. 1 to provide the text. 1 to provide abandonia's commentary on the whole thing. maybe 1 more to customise it a bit and give it a polish.

idk how to examine the group memberships here, but i have noticed some people - quite a lot - have the tag to denote them as site zine staff or contributors or something. If you can find a few regulars who would put in a few hours to do something once a week, it would be easy.
it would be practice in itself to make it even better.

presentation, idk - u could have it as a comic reader file or an online doc or an img or whatever. idk where you guys operate most either. or if there are any partner sites that would want a look in.

i don't wanna say it but with internet projects a lot of the time it fails is because of an overextension of effort coupled with erratic schedules. You will notice that the things like this that have succeeded have started like this, until people got their shit together and finally started making something with definite delivery dates. Once established, regular contribution will be a case of moderating comments on the articles (however terrible they are) like with RPS or Kraptaku.

Who, amongst ye of the many forum suggestions and ideas would want to re-establish the mag as something more achievable that would at least exist rather than be a twinkle in the eye of some regulars who haunt the forums?

because, i think that's the best chance there is of it getting back off the ground without you guys building a load of nuclear bombs and setting them off underneath it in a series until it lifts into space.

i'll help out, because - and i know with this plan it's unlikely to happen for a while - I WANT THAT DAMN SIMANT GAME!!!

anyone? no..? cake..? no..?

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