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Originally Posted by twillight View Post
Pff, vertical Flappy Bird clone.

Try Paladog, Doctor Who Legacy, or something at least half-original
I really really enjoyed coin dozer. It's an incredibly simple game but somehow I managed to pour hours into it! The game I played the most on my phone however is Bloons TD 5. I managed to 100% that over several months.

There are some wonderful looking programs on mobile but I really don't have that much money and if I had a few hundred dollars to drop into a mobile phone at the moment I'd much sooner drop it into a PC upgrade! I want to try out Farcry 3 at some point and I want to see if I can continue my Dwarf Fortress that's currently running at 2 fps
is still not sure if she plays these old games for the gameplay....or for that awesome demo scene music!
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