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I have unearthed my old PC Bard's Tale 1 5.25 floppies and have pulled the contents into a modern PC. I did so to use my highly leveled up characters I made in the late 80's. Bard's Tale comes with 3 disks (PROGRAM disk, PICTURE disk, and CHARACTER disk). I now have these in 3 respective folders on my C drive (c:\bard1_program, c:\bard1_picture, c:\bard1_character).

I can launch Bard's Tale 1 in Dosbox just fine. However it's one of those games that requires you to constantly switch between the three disks while the game is running.

I see tutorials that allow you to mount several disk images in Dosbox and switch between them with the CMD-F4 key. But I don't have disk images of the original disks. Just their contents placed in the three folders listed above.

Is there any way to mount all 3 FOLDERS in Dosbox and switch between them as needed (much like the disk images)?

If this is possible, can someone give me a step by step tutorial on how to successfully mount them?

Thank you

EDIT: It should also be noted that all three folders have files with the exact same names, so I can't dump all of the contents into one folder.

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